Ninja CREAMi: an ice cream revolution

The Ninja CREAMi unlocks a range of healthier ice cream possibilities you can’t get from store-bought or homemade ice cream.

The original and Deluxe Ninja CREAMi side by side on a kitchen counter.
The Ninja CREAMi Deluxe (left) and original Ninja CREAMi (right). (Source:

The Ninja CREAMi and Ninja CREAMi Deluxe are the most important ice cream machines for those looking to go beyond the nutritional boundaries of traditional ice cream. Calling the CREAMi (or the Pacojet, which preceded it) “an ice cream maker” is like referring to a Tesla or any other electric vehicle as “a car”. It’s technically accurate but obscures the differences that make the product so innovative.

Electric Vehicles: Same but different

A red 2018 Tesla Model S next in a parking lot next to a row of Tesla chargers.
The Tesla Model S, which helped popularize the benefits of electric vehicles to mass market. “2018 Tesla Model S”, by Vauxford, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

Like any car, an electric vehicle gets you from point A to point B but it does so in a radically different way, i.e. using stored electricity instead of gasoline. That change alters everything about the car and not just its impact on the environment. Numerous other aspects, from the how the car is built (fewer moving parts make them easier to assemble and maintain), to how its used (it takes longer to refuel a battery than a gas tank), and even the ecosystem around it (replacing a massive network of gas stations with charging stations) are all transformed by the move to an electric drivetrain…even though it’s still just getting you from point A to point B.

Ninja CREAMi: Same but different

Similarly, the Ninja CREAMi makes ice cream but in a radically different way than usual. To oversimplify, what separates ice cream from a solid block of ice milk is that ice cream is a mixture of tiny ice crystals in a foam of air, water, and fat. Conventional ice cream makers achieve this by gradually churning and cooling their ingredients to prevent large ice crystals from forming. The Ninja CREAMi and the Pacojet achieve the same goal by working backwards: the liquid mixture is first frozen into a solid ice block, and then the machine pulverizes the ice crystals down resulting in ice cream.

This changes everything. Keeping ice cream soft and scoopable at freezing temperatures requires a careful balance of ingredients. For example, in traditional ice cream, reducing the amount of sugar will result in an ice cream that’s too hard to scoop and eat. By contrast, with the CREAMi (or “pacotizing”) process, almost any mixture can be frozen to a solid and then pulverized into ice cream. This gives you a much wider range of possible ice cream recipes than with conventional ice cream makers.

Healthier Planet, Healthier You

Hypothetical home kitchen ice cream making appliance from Tesla imagined by Stable Diffusion AI.
This device doesn’t exist. This is Stable Diffusion’s AI generated response for what an ice cream maker designed by Tesla would look like.

Just as an electric vehicle’s battery makes it possible to use cleaner sources of energy, so to the CREAMi’s wider recipe range makes it possible to create healthier ice cream. Ice cream’s traditional process makes it hard to escape the nutritional boundaries of a high sugar, high fat, high calorie, dairy-based dessert. Commercial ice cream companies have techniques like low temperature extrusion that can let them push those boundaries, but even some store bought low fat or no-sugar-added ice creams can be about the same calories as regular ice cream. But with the CREAMi, low sugar, low calorie, low fat, high protein, keto and even dairy free ice creams are now within easy reach for home cooks. 

Of course, as with electric vehicles, there are tradeoffs for these benefits that creates friction for the incumbent ecosystem to adopt it (if at all). For example, electric cars can’t use the nearly 150,000 gas stations across the country to recharge. Similarly, healthy ice cream made with the CREAMi often won’t stay scoopable in the freezer and just turns back into a solid ice block. So you won’t find it in the shelves of your local supermarket anytime soon. Instead, you need to get a CREAMi (or CREAMI Deluxe) machine and process the ice block into ice cream right at the point of consumption.

Have your ice “creami” and eat it too

As they used to say about cake, you can now finally have your ice cream and eat it too. This site, AllScreamForIceCream, is about making healthier ice cream and frozen desserts — however you define healthy — including low carb, keto, vegan, dairy free, high protein, low calorie, or even just classic ice cream. If you have a Ninja CREAMi or CREAMi Deluxe and an interest in this area, sign up for the mailing list, join the forum (coming soon), or follow us on social media using the links below.

And if you don’t already have one, you can use these links to get a CREAMi or get a CREAMi Deluxe and get started on healthier frozen treats!

P.S. If you’re not sure which CREAMi to get, checkout this review which compares the original and Deluxe versions of the CREAMi.






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